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210, 5-8, 34w, 48c, 17b 24q
username sex age sexual seeking
BritnLA Male 64 Gay Fighting with sex
210, 5-8, 34w, 48c, 17b 24q 18calf, 54yo..into wrestling for fun, music (flute and guitar....violin if you are REALLY desparate), fun, home beer and wine making, gym, racquetball, tennis and sailing...to list a few. Always willing to have an adventure. Occupation Self employed...or that's my excuse (G)...too smart for my own good Personal Quote 'What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?' Jesus. Hence I am not into game playing, narcissism or guys who just use people. If you are one of those..move on. Into gut punching..leather and rough guys like me. I am not a premium member so for all of those who have kindly contacted me.
San Francisco California

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