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Submission tuition and practice bouts
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Britannicus Male 62 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Looking for patient guy(s) who is (are) willing to tutor an almost completely inexperienced novice for submission holds. I've had some meets with a hospitable GLOBAL-FIGHTER who is generous with his time and hope to have more 'lessons' combined with practice bouts soon. Looking for experience too with similar novice or more experienced wrestlers (preferably of similar stats, lighter or slightly heavier) -- if you think you can help and have some mutually enjoyable wrestling fun please message me. I'm happy to travel within East Anglia (Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex) and also drive for work thoughout the South East and London so able to combine business and pleasure when it's convenient to all parties. My primary interest is wrestling but open to other possibilities.
Ipswich United Kingdom
London United Kingdom

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