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Looking for pro/promission Jobber Heel Matches
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Body_Slam Male 41 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hey Men Sexy guy looking for some hot wrestling action. Love pro/sub give and take. Love jobber heel situations, getting into being a Heel and jobbing. Also into competitive sane safe submission and pro style matches. Love pro moves(Racks, slams, over the knee, bearhugs, BODY SPLASH) Also looking for a local dude for a regular work out bud. Want to find out who's the man on the mat? Write to me soon. Pleas have a place I cant host. Update: adopted a whole new lifestyle. Eating heathy, working out 4 day/week. Lost 60 lbs and dropped to 180. I have replaced 15/20 lbs with lean muscle and now live between 195/200lbs. Updated photos in my private gallery... :)
Milford Massachusetts

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