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Lean, hard-bodied Los Angeles guy into
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BodyHeatLA Male 61 Gay Fighting with sex
Lean, hard-bodied Los Angeles guy into give-and-take gut punching. Versatile, leaning towards dom, but aggressive as a sub. I like long sessions - intense and aggressive, sensual and creative or all of the above. It's about power-exchange and pushing hot buttons. Into verbal and role-playing scenes or scenes where just lookin’ eye-to-eye while driving bare fists into each other's abs says it all. Action in jeans, jocks, speedos, work out gear or nothing but sweat. Also into other rough play, CBT, ball busting, frottage, cock-fighting, BDSM, leather, lycra, spandex, UnderArmour and superhero vs. villain role-playing scenes. Travel occasionally on the West Coast - San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego.
Los Angeles California

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