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Hard Heel for Resistant Jobbers
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Blitzkrieg Male 44 Gay Play wrestling
Hard heel always up for horny roleplay chat scene or real in wrestling gear, other uniforms and always in boots for a challenge in intense heat and humidity with a jobber that never gives in, no matter what... Wrestling quite seldomly these days, due to an extremely busy life, work schedule and time with my partner, family, friends, hobbies and time I just need for myself. I answer my emails here sporadically as I have enough to contend with at work and four regular accounts. Trillian is the best way to reach me quick. Love meeting men here in Britain and in Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Middle East, from the American Midwest, East Coast and South, the Subcontinent and Far East, and around the globe. Favourites here are just guys I've fancied on a whim and look forward to saying hi.
London United Kingdom
San Francisco California

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