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Training and Competition with Edged Weapons - Knives and Swords
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Blade_Dueler Male 62 Other Workout Buddy
Looking for men to train with and compete against in hand to hand combat using either edged or thrusting weapons. Safe sport only using full-size training versions of knives and swords: single-edged hunter and Bowie, double-edged dagger and military knife; two-handed long sword, katana, and single-handed short sword, gladius, cutlass, sabre, rapier, and Epee. Combat is a test of skill, strength and stamina. Two bare-chested men sparring with weapons to practice or fighting to the 'death' in mock combat. Scenarios can include Italian knife fight, western duel with Bowie knives, Roman Gladiator contest with swords and daggers, and more. Rules and gear decided and agreed to by fighters. Contests can be held in front of an audience or in private. Prefer to duel real in person, but if distance or timing is an issue, then a good cyber will work. If you identify with Spartan warriors, Roman gladiators, Viking and Medieval fighters and have an interest in sword and knife fighting, then message me or contact me in chat.
Vidalia Louisiana

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