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Am a Sick Puppy; Need mutual hugs, cuddles & emotional warmth
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BlackSickPuppy Male 64 Gay Friends
Am a Sick Puppy. Need mutual hugs, cuddling and ultimately emotional warmth. Sick Puppy needs buds to get to know & who want to know of him, to talk, to have coffee, to work out, to go hiking, etc. What I don't need or desire is empty casual sex. Don't need to be asked 'what am I into' or other idiotic questions. I prize VIRILITY, that innate radiated manliness in a fellow. I also prize natural heft and rugged size of body. A guy need not be a gym-driven 'musclebear', but I won't be drawn to sedentary obesity either. Think of Michael Chiklis or a solid Kevin James as visual icons of what I am hoping to attract. (OK, you can throw Bill Goldberg and Magnus Samuelsson in there too) ;o) My point is that I desire a physically LARGE & STRONG man who is also emotionally loving. NON-SMOKERS and NO DRUGS please. White, rugged Middle-Eastern, Latino-American and rugged Asians.
Atlanta Georgia

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