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Looking for friends to wrestle with!
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Bishop Male 55 Gay Friends
I'm looking for a workout buddy and wrestling buddy near Medford, NJ or in Philly. Not looking for hook-ups or any craziness like that. Anyone interested in starting a wrestling club in south Jersey? (Seriously!) It would be cool to make some friends and even meet some guys on this site just to hang out with. If you are interested, I'm a very reliable person and take my workouts seriously. I have many other interest besides working out and wrestling. I like to read, go to the movies, EAT, read good comics and science fiction (I'm a geek), listening to music, and watching WSM events and MMA events. Email me if you need a workout buddy in the gym or on the mats! I have been lucky to meet a few great guys on here and actually wrestle with them. Hopefully, there will be more matches in my future. Later! Go EAGLES!
Medford Lakes New Jersey
My RealJock profile.

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