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Pro wrestling is the best !
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BillyTheKidUSA Male 67 Gay Practicing Holds
Avid fan of the classic pro wrestling era from the 60's to mid-80's. Enjoy slow paced easy going matches with pro and submission style moves and holds. Nothing overly aggressive. Have access to a pro ring and mat in Ft. Lauderdale. Can heel or jobber or mix it up. Enjoy dirty tactics and trash talk. Have all the pro gear, shoes, and a mask. Favorite moves: Abdominal stretch, Boston Crab, Camelclutch, Camelclutch with fishhooks, Camelclutch-Sleeper combo, corner turnbuckle workovers, claws, false pins (1, 2, and pull you up preventing the pin), Figure 4 Leg Lock, GP, headlocks, over the knee backbreakers, sucker punches, suplexes and Texas Cloverleaf (the Sharpshooter). Enjoy watching wrestling videos and phone chat. Safe and sane only. Am clean, drug and disease free; you be, too.
Sarasota Florida

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