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Bigexjock Male 55 Gay Squash Match
When you're already bigger and stronger than most guys - where can you find another 'normal' guy who's bigger and stronger? If you used to play on the line in college or high school, you are my type. Maybe you've put on a few pounds - and maybe you're even married, but you want to feel muscle and resistance. That's what makes me hot. It would also be cool if you like to throw your weight around, especially if you're 6'3 or taller - but don't let that stop you if you're a brick shithouse! Your weight isn't an issue with me - especially if you're still in reasonably good shape. That means you shouldn't be out of breath after 10 seconds of man-to-man! OR - if you're a 5-7 muscleboy who'd like to get squashed or crushed, I can get into that, too! But again, be in reasonable shape and able to put up some resistance. Thanks!
Pembroke Pines Florida

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