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BigBikerStache Male 60 Gay Wrestling with sex
52, Fu Manchu/Biker mustache, Goatee, or beard, kinky, Top or bottom depending on partner but usually more Top for sex, at least, enjoy wrestling (all styles), bondage (especially rope bondage), electro-stim, leather, CBT, TT, suspension, hot wax, and more (open to discussion/negotiation). East side of San Jose near Alum Rock and 680, but travel up to SF at least once a month. Oh, and please have a face pic in your profile if you contact me. This is a WRESTLING site, for God's sake. What's so scandalous about having a profile on a wrestling site? If you're so closeted you can't admit you like to wrestle, we're not a good match. And I kind of require my opponents to have heads, the better to brace against for a Rear Naked Choke. Headless photos do little for me.
San Jose California

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