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Bi Nude Boxer
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Bi_Nude_Boxer Male 71 Bisexual Boxing with sex
I like hot, nude boxing matches with lots of clinching and going down for slow, dramatic counts. The build-up to the fight is half the fun; long stare-downs - face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly. If the chemistry is there, deep kissing; running our gloves up and down each other's back, thighs and asses. The fight itself can be anything from play boxing to fighting unlimited rounds until one of us goes down and is counted out. The victor poses over the conquered man with his foot on his chest and his gloves held high. Not looking for injury to either of us. When one of us knows he'd get knocked out if the fight continued, he signifies his surrender by going down at the feet of the other so he can be counted out...
Minneapolis Minnesota

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