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Let's test our manhood
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BellyFighter Male 66 Bisexual Gut punching
Ever since I was a teenager, I have always felt that boxing is the surest test of manhood. I have kept myself in good shape, and I still seek other men to prove my manhood with. Punching is allowed anywhere below the neck and above the pubes (although I am willing to consider allowing shots to the groin). I prefer bare knuckles, but gloves are OK too. I prefer nude, but open to gear. Stakes are possible, if we both agree beforehand. I am clean and disease-free. Can fight for a set time limit or fight to the finish (one of us gives up). Willing to consider fighting to winner's satisfaction (winner punches loser until he thinks loser is hurt enough). I am not interested in either of us going to the hospital, but this will be a real fight and that means both of us will feel some pain in the body.
Roanoke Virginia

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