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BEARHUG addict looking for the squeeze of a lifetime!
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BearhugAddict Male 45 Gay Squash Match
**New Picture 30/01/2011** Beefy, soft-bellied jobber wanting to be crushed mercilessly in your bearhug for as long as you can keep it on. Belly-to-belly, either standing or lifted, multiple submissions to complete ragdoll exhaustion. Also interested in group scenes, being passed back and forth between multiple 'huggers, bearhug sandwiches, tests of strength to see who can hold me off the ground in a 'hug the longest. Also enjoy other back-weakening holds like camels, crabs, knee/shoulder backbreakers, racks, can use those now and then to mix it up, but want to keep returning to that embrace of steel, that inescapable vice-like crushing squeeze of power. Are you the one who can squeeze the words 'I give!' out of me? Let's find out. Also enjoy trading squeeze stories and fantasies, photos etc, and just chatting about wrestling in general.
Sydney Australia

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