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Bearany Male 60 Gay Mixed Wrestling
SE FL, 57 yo, 6'4', 240#, partnered 29 year- bf is not interested in wrestling....N2 different types of wrestling. Prefer squash/domination style. Heel for smaller; jobber for bigger. Prefer to meet older, bigger (why do young 150 pound guys get upset when I say I'm not interested?) experienced wrestlers but open to suggestions. Lately finding I really enjoy being a heel. Love to put a guy in all my favorite holds, gradually increase the pressure and finally get a tap from you. Fav hold is a camel...love to apply several times in a row 'til you are really worn down. Even better if I can lift you...scoop up for a nice backbreaker and then put you in a rack over my shoulders. Also very much n2 gut punching (top). Love to punch a nice solid ball gut (my fav). Can go from mild to tough. If I reply with 'not a good match'...that means I'm simply not interested for one reason or another. Please do not be offended. It doesn't mean I think you're not a good enough wrestler. It's probably just an attraction thing....wrestling is a fetish for me, not a competitive sport.
west palm beach Florida

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