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Love Wrestling Erotically Nude & Barefeet
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Barefeet_Guy Male 55 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
I'm probably abit out of shape but would love a nude erotic tussle. I just love to wrestle nude, barefeet & being dominated. I also have a feet fetish & just love wrestling barefoot. I sometimes wrestle wearing nothing but my white thongs which is quickly stripped off. I like beating up Americans since us Canadians are better than you in Hockey, etc. I also like being tied up after losing a nude match. I am also only interested in safe wrestling. My favorite pin I just love being in is the Jack Knife Force Fuck Pin, hmmm... Not being a premium member at this time I do apologize but sometimes I cannot respond to erotic wrestlers who show a interest or make me a fav. I can only respond to messages that are initiated by premium members. I do appreciate all the erotic wrestlers that show a interest in me & who also make me a fav.
Thunder Bay Ontario

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