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Atlanta Bear Fest July 6-9, 2012
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BadGuyGA Male 51 Gay Submission Wrestling
Guys, if I haven't responded to your Email is because I haven't had the time to get to them, it doesn't mean I'm not interested. I'm a Masc. Latin male, 41 5'8' 190, 46c, 31w, 18a looking for other masculine guys for tough wrestling matches, safe, sane. Also like UFC style. Interested in submission, freestyle but open to other forms of wrestling, willing to explore limits. love to flex, give N take, tests of strength, gutpunching, enjoy lifts and carries. Also interested in pro matches and boxing, Looking for steady buddies to train with. Have 10x10 mats. I'm very open minded, will respect your limits! Have wrestled all of my favorites. In an Open Relationship with gspfightguy.
Roswell Georgia

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