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Sadistic Heel Fighter
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BUSTyourNUTS Male 25 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hey there! Young and athletic jock who loves wrestling and rolling around for fun and competition. Into all sorts of styles and rules, but I am super into prostyle fantasy wrestling. Grew up watching WWF and gell in love with the suggestive holds, powerful slams, as well as the revealing gear. My ideal match would be against a similar aged, in shape guy who doesn't mind some dirty tactics and possibly light erotic tones. I do enjoy ballbusting and humiliating pins are a big turn on but not necessary for me to have fun. Have a group of local guys who I meet with regularly and have compeited in a few local Amateur Pro events. I had a blast in my experiences in a wrestling ring and always stay competitive on the mats Favorite moves and holds include; Piledriver, over the shoulder torture rack, full Nelson, suplex, camel clutch, Boston crab, and powerbomb to name a few Still pretty new to this site and just starting to reach out to other guys. If you like what I have to offer, hit me up! Even if we can't meet up, I'm always down to chat with a like minded wrestler and share stories.
San Diego California

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