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BRAWLER Male 56 Gay Open to all
Gay guy living in Eastbourne looking for hot sweaty combat. I'm into BOTH semi competitive submission fights, AND Pro style wrestling bouts. By 'semi competitive', I mean not going at it 100 mph. That way, for me at least, weight doesn't become as much of an issue, and I can take on guys heavier or lighter than me. Happy to take and dish out punches. By 'Pro style' I mean classic pro moves (like single leg bostons, chicken wings, sideheadlocks, camel clutches, boston crab) but with a degree of real contact and real pain. I like to sell a move, and do understand Pro wrestling, but I also like to be made to really submit and I like to get my opponent to really submit. Multiple submissions, multiple holds, long term holds, controlled body blows, verbal. I love being kept - or keeping someone - on the edge of submission - the more intense and long lasting, the better. I find 'light-touch' pro frustrating. I am totally open to Dirty Heel vs Good Guy Rookie scenes and any other variations you might have in mind. Can adapt to either role! I can host and have mats set up in my loft. Age and looks don't matter to me as much as a good attitude. Definitely up for wrestling any out-of-towners who are visiting London.
Eastbourne United Kingdom
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