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BOSSMAN Male 51 Bisexual Open to all
Looking to meet cool guys to wrestle and have some hot, rough, fun matches. Open to all styles - especially enjoy jobber/heel matches and generally like to be the heel. Here are some recommendations I have received: Bigbeef8 (BOSSMAN) has to be the best Heel I've ever encountered. He respected my limits, and knew how to work a hold effectively for the longest amount of time. His head scissors is incredible–especially since he kept it on for the longest amount of time. I didn't think anybody could squeeze a guy that long. Bigbeef8 (BOSSMAN) is one of those wrestlers who knows how to work a hold for maximum effectiveness without making you submit so you get a good workout. OMG... Big and beefy, yes. But also handsome, muscular, powerful, and sexy as hell. Is that all? No, he is also a super nice guy! I had a GREAT time wrestling with him. I couldn't recommend him more highly. Hope to hear from you guys!
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Wildwood New Jersey

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