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BDSMqueen Female 31 Straight Training Others
I am an experienced Domina and Teacher of sacred sexuality. and i LOVE to TRAVEL anytime and anyplace.. I have many years experience in the practices of Tantra and BDSM and I specialize in combining the two together. I will show you the beauty of surrender. I am both sadistic and sensitive. Cruel and kind. I love to inflict pain and humiliate. I also love to give and receive pleasure. I use my intuition to read you as my submissive and I'll know just what you need in that moment, whether it's discipline or tenderness. Sensuality and connection are vital ingredients within my sessions. I'll want to feel a deep connection with you and I have many methods and tools to create this. I'll want your full attention whilst you're with me. I want you to feel every twinge of pain, every ache and every soft caress. The deeper we connect the more intense the experience and the more fun had for both of us. I have a great soft spot for the submissive newbie. If this is something you have thought about for a while and have just decided to take the plunge know that I will create the safest space for you to experience your wildest fantasies. Come to me. Trust me. Leave your fears and judgement behind. You know Ill understand your secrets. Together, we can explore even your darkest, most precious fantasies.
Quebec Quebec

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