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Bi Male Looking for Wrestling Mates
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Azsundude Male 71 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
I am doing a lot of traveling, both in my RV and on my Motorcycle. I try to reach out to folks about 10 days before I plan to be at any location. Hope to meet some new people. I am a bi white male interested in meeting other men or women interested in singlet, g-string, thong, semi-nude and/or nude wrestling. Open to all and I respect your limits. Oiled wrestling is also an option. New: I am in a relationship with a wonderful lady. See might like to watch but that is not a deal breaker and of late she has been joining in on the wrestling. She is into play wrestling, fantasy, role play, body contact and groups. There pics of her in my private photo folder. I really, really enjoy giving forced oral during a match, but remember this and remember it well. You have 3-4 minutes at the best to take me down. Between 0 and 4 I will give you the best wrestling match of you life. If I don't take you down within that time, I am yours. The one thing that is most important to me as that we both have fun and that we both get what we want out of the match. Nothing too serious or too physical, so as to avoid injury; however, the match should be challenging and fun. I am a sub/bottom with guys and vers with women. I enjoy wrestling in skimpy, speedo or thong gear. I prefer bare foot over shoes, but that is optional. I do prefer to end up naked near the end of the match, with some sex, but that is optional. I really enjoy being photographed and/or video taped, but it is hard to get both an opponent and a camera man or woman together at the same time. I have been wrestling off and on for several years. Had some pretty good time, partcularly with Dom/Tops. Have also had some good times just wrestling, although not the very physical or hardcore type of wrestling. I wrestled in high school and a bit in college. More into college or olympic (Greco/Roman) style wrestling, but am open to pro type as well.
Flagstaff Arizona

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