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Asian Heel Seeking Jobber
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Azn_Heel_LA Male 49 Gay Squash Match
Asian Heel (5' 9', 165) in Los Angeles/So. California area (90048) seeks jobber (submissive or fight back) for a squash match. I am mostly smooth, toned, and clean with no facial hair or tattoos. I have mats (9' x 8') and a place to wrestle. My favorite submission holds: ab claw, Boston crab, bow & arrow, camel clutch, cobra clutch, cradle, crucifix, figure 4 leg lock, Indian death lock, knee crank, knee lock, leg nelson, leg split, nerve holds, over-the-knee back breaker, over-the-shoulder back breaker, pec claw, roll-up pin, short arm scissors, sickle, stump puller, surfboard, TT. I can also accommodate jobbers into light BDSM. I am 100% reliable. You should be likewise. I am a tough heel on the mat and a nice guy off the mat. Limits are established and respected. Matches are always safe & sane. I have a webcam, for those who need or want to cam before agreeing to meet. I am also willing to meet or chat by phone before setting up a match. I have wrestled my buddies (formerly favorites), among others. Feel free to contact them for a reference. I don't do phone or cyber matches but do enjoy chatting about wrestling. I am in the chat room often. I am willing to travel and/or share or split travel expenses for a match with the right guy but only after a certain degree of trust & rapport are established. If you are a FLAKE, FAKE, or a NO-SHOW, don't bother to contact me. I am also interested in meeting someone compatible with similar interests for dating and a LTR. I answer or respond to all messages. A reply to any message sent, even if not interested, would be appreciated. Thanks! To all Kiwis--Kia Ora!
Los Angeles California

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