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trying to keep-up - with all You Muscle Studs!
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Austin_tatious Male 59 Other Workout Buddy
Now that i've left Austin , Y'all can start visiting Austin now ! :) - Company Relocation to San Diego (actually Oceanside) ... i will miss the Austin gay 'community' (right!) ... i still trying to go to the gym & get big muscles ==> like Y'all ... If You're a Gym Member & You LIFT WEIGHTS (Gasp!) - maybe we can go to the gym, maybe we can wrestle ? ... just checking to see if there's any muscle wrestlers/Guys ==> that go to the Gym & Lift Weights <== that wanna take a break from the Gym/Lifting once in awhile & WRESTLE (?). Nice Guy, DDF, Sane ... Not Really into Pizza The Hutt, Not Really into Twinkies ! Wrestler - 5ft 9in, 188lbs, 32w. Seeks similar for exercise, muscle-2-muscle body contact, wrestling, sweat. Seeks similar - fit... Health Club Member & lift Weights. (Any Advice on BodyBuilding - getting bigger - (and not fat) - so i can keep up with all You Studs - is appreciated). Wrestling is a Different Work-Out than just Lifting Weights all the time / Just Going to The Gym. Travel for WORK (but not everywhere) :-( ... if You wanna talk me (for Months) into a plane flight and spending money on a hotel ... i'm probably gonna wanna meet up FOR MORE THAN ONE HOUR ! (DINNER ?) ... (once (??) bitten - twice shy !) & (i Not that desperate !!) else - send me a - face pic. & phone # (talk on Phone 1st) and work on a plane ticket else i'll know You're not just a time and money waster... sorry to be this way but there are some that think plane flights and hotel rooms are Free and money grows on trees ... If You are visiting San Diego, Please give me more than 1 day / 1 hour notice.
Austin Texas

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