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Jobber needs humiliation
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Atljobber Male 39 Bisexual Squash Match
Currently looking for opponents near Savannah, or Atlanta! I get into the gear and scene as much as the holds themselves. For me it is PLAYING A ROLE. I generally prefer prostyle and obviously prefer to be the jobber and take the abuse. I enjoy squash matches especially. I love working a match where anyone who would see me endure my torture says to themselves 'I cannot believe he let them do THAT to him!' So the more devastating and humiliating the loss, the better. I would like to talk to others into gear, scenes of vulnerability, dirty tricks, and the like. I love the athleticism as well. Tight gear and tight bodies. It's just hot! This is very much a turn on for me. However I do not seek exclusively sexual encounters. Sometimes it's just fun to wrestle around or workout in spandex!
Atlanta Georgia
Jacksonville Florida

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