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Armycockfighter Male 57 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Hot sweaty grappling, like old school, get off on head and body scissors, schoolboy pins, face pins, reverse face pins, play fighting, erotic wrestling, cockfighting and maybe submission with right dude. Clean, masculine fun. Fight in camo pants and boots (or any uniform), rugby shorts, jeans, jockstraps, nude. Wrestling must be rough and hard with some foot, sneakers and/or boot licking/smelling, pit worship, face sitting and forced cock sucking, CBT, TT, ropes, culminating in cock to cock fighting, frot and mixing of man juices, or fight to win and loser gets fucked. Keen to learn more aggro fighting and boxing. Army, military guys move to the front! Standard member so please include an email when messaging me.
All Areas South Africa

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