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Young good looking solider looking for a daddy jobber
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ArmyTwinkD Male 24 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Hi I’m a solider in the army going home on weekends... I am mainly looking to become someone’s bitch during the match, I will put up a fight but hopefully I will lose that fight while gasping for air between your thighs :) I’m looking for some one who will force me to look in his eyes while I’m forced to lick his asshole , or someone who will make me say thank you after he shoots the load down my throat during a long match. I am good looking, very social and funny, I have a big mouth (literally) and have never been knocked out, looking forward for it :) I am able to go to Europe for a weekend but I’ll come by myself so you will have to accommodate me for the whole time being
Modi¯in Israel

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