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AmericanJockHead Slamming My Man Bod Against Your Man Bod
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AmericanJockHead Male 44 Gay Wrestling with sex
Athletic Smooth Hard Bodied Military Jock Guy. Short hair, clean cut, clean shaven, masculine nice looking guy. Wrestling Fun and Male Bod Contact Action with homoerotic overtones is cool, e.g., face sitting, dick flick, cock and balls slap, whack, and play, head scissors, face to crotch, face smothering forced up against cock and balls, sleepers, stomach poking, patting, hitting, squeezing, looser gets stripped and cock and ball face pinned, crotch face surfing, cum shoot ejaculate on me wherever the victor chooses, winner takes all, humiliation, submission, domination, ejaculation, and homoerotic action or just raslin. Two good looking guys wrestling and playing is exciting and enrgizing. Let's get to it sport and have guy on guy action, competition, and fun.
Denver Colorado

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