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Looking for Competitive and Fun Matches; Fit, Very Enthusiastic Grappler
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AllenDenver Male 63 Gay Submission Wrestling
I'm still lean/muscular, strong, in outstanding shape, tight body , hard abs, experienced in sub and some BJJ training, but I'm now 60 so won't be competitive with younger guys with a lot of BJJ or sub wrestling training who are into hardcore BJJ and intense submission matches. -- I still have plenty in the tank (living at high altitude is great for your cardio!), but into more slow-paced action. Flexible about style and gear but enjoy submission the most -- competitive and/or erotic. Also doing more pro and give and take now. Easy-going, nothing to prove -- just want both wrestlers to get a good workout, maybe learn some new moves, and have fun. Fun is the key word -- I don't take this too seriously and don't want you to either. ALWAYS up for erotic with other hot hard-bodied in-shape guys but can stick to competitive wrestling with guys not into erotic. Can be a tough dominant heel in pro or sub, or a submissive jobber. Also into pro fantasy, and depending upon the situation, can get into purely erotic submission/emission sexfights and cockfights. Smaller guys who are hard-bodied and hairy chested and like dominating step to the front. Guys with muscular hairy pecs and legs are a big plus. Have large matroom in Denver, happy to host out-of-towners. 100% reliable, have wrestled ALL of my buddies here (over 300) as well as a few dozen others. Nice guy here, very much into making sure both guys have a good time on the mat.
Denver Colorado

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