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Into pro with emphasis on long
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Albb Male 39 Other Wrestling, no sex
Into pro with emphasis on long submission holds. I want to be stretched out and worked over and can do the same to you. Jobber/Heel Heel/Jobber long sessions sound good. Can have a competitive edge if we are of a similar ability but this is not essential to have a good time. I love creative variations on holds and combo versions. In particular I'm a fan of bostons and camels and I particularly like camel chickenwing combos and camel nelsons. I like the idea of 'no submission' matches where you can 'give' but the opponent doesn't have to let go of a hold, just ease off, before cranking it back on bit by bit. Things can get erotic depending on chemistry! I appreciate honesty if I strike up a conversation and I'm not your type. Better than wasting time. Cannot stand no-shows! Especially dislike being stood up - doesn't take much to communicate boys. Manners never hurt etc.
Inverness United Kingdom

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