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Mainly looking for guys around my
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Aethier29 Male 34 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
Mainly looking for guys around my age who are interested in Pro Wrestling, Play Wrestling, Jobber vs Heel, occasional squash matches. I can easily job for the right person, as well as be a merciless heel. I like to win and lose (Taking turns or whatever keeps it fun). Open to various styles/preferences. I like working over someone & being worked over. Working someone over/being worked over in the corner (aka turnbuckle); destroying the pecs & abs or having mine destroyed, long dramatic pins at the end of the match, or just a good back and forth brawl. But all contact is half contact to light contact, I wrestle for fun not to break bones or cause severe injury. I like fantasy matches between opposites: Prep vs Gangster, Geek vs Jock, Bully vs Bullied/Victim, Rich vs Poor, Hero vs Villian, Retiree vs Trainee, and etc. I also like to storyline on occasion. I occasionally do Submission Matches. Sorry guys if you're over 40 unless I've contacted you I'm probably not interested in a match. I have a Full-Time and Part Time job, and I also wrestle for various feds some local...some not so local. So matches must bet set up in advance due to a very full schedule. Last minute matches are hard for me to guarantee, so if you decide on a Last Minute match. No promises. So advance set-up is a must! I'm not a premium member all the time so please contact me when I am or be willing to Skype, email, & etc. Also looking for a wrestling buddy...who I can hopefully see and wrestle very frequently/often. I now have a dedicated room JUST for wrestling so I can host. Send me a message and I'll try to get back to you. My Best friend passed away in February of 2010 and I've been battling depression ever since so I really could use a good wrestling buddy.
The Colony Texas

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