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Iam like to wrestle you!!!
username sex age sexual seeking
Adam Male 47 Gay Wrestling, no sex
If i am online you can meet me in the chatroom. I am Adam from Germany. I am like all styles of wrestling and look for opponents. I am 31y-5,11-210lbs I would like to have prostyle submission matches with scissors, camels, bostons, headlocks and nelsons. Like to wrestle brit-pro in speedos and boots. Like also real freestyle or submission. More about me can you see om my website 31-180cm-95kg Suche Partner fr faire Freistil oder Submission Fights.3x3 meter Matte vorhanden. Auch Interesse an Sambo und anderen Stilen. Ich freu mich auf Deine mail! meine ist ringen at gm x punkt net. Please leave your email as I don't have full membership.
Hamburg Germany

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