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Submission, rough pro style, promission, give and take, domination, wrestling workout, etc.
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AceHeel Male 46 Gay Submission Wrestling
*Mostly inactive on here lately due to recovering from injury and extra busy schedule the past few months.* My boyfriend is also a wrestler, so 2-on-1, tag, or free-for-all matches are an option. Some of the guys I've wrestled from GF are listed in my Emeets score under main pic. Enjoy submission, rough pro style, promission, give and take, domination, wrestling workout, practicing holds, swapping holds, testing each other's limits, heel/jobber, heel/heel, etc. Also up for trying new styles and learning new things. In a monogamous relationship, so not seeking sex, but some erotic stuff is okay. My goal is for everybody to have fun, so I'm open to your suggestions. I enjoy dishing it out, and equally enjoy good give-and-take with a guy. And since some have asked--yes, I will job for the right guys ;) Very easy-going and flexible, I don't get caught up on any one thing. I get into giving/receiving punching (anywhere except the head/face) if you're into that. I love pro style and creative submission holds, and can teach them. I respect your limits and am always safe, and appreciate the same. Faves include backbreakers of all kinds, camels, crabs, bear hugs, nelsons, pec/gut/arm/thigh claws, wedgies, etc. Also appreciate 'cheating' tactics with foreign objects, ropes, cuffs, etc. Previously and currently involved with indie/underground wrestling organizations. I can host, and have wrestling room and guest room; travel is limited. I'm 35, blond/blue, 5'11', 250 pounds muscular chubby (if you're seeking lean/bodybuilder, I am not a match). Newest wrestling pics are 2 years ago, about 20# heavier now. I've had lots of great wrestling chemistry with guys of all types. I have tons of wrestling videos and tons of gear to share (trunks, squarecuts, thongs, singlets, shorts, etc.) Hit me up if you think we might have fun. Plenty of other non-wrestling interests... ask if you'd like to know more.
Manitowoc Wisconsin

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