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Young Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
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Ace2792 Male 29 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Just a young fighter, looking for man on man fun. Only into the guys who want to wrestle and box. Proving dominance is something man has done from the beginning of time, and what better way to show dominance than wrestling. Forcing a guy to submit to you, and taking them because you were the stronger male. That's what I'm looking for. If you're inexperienced then I am not looking for you, move along. P.S. I Don't Care If You Have Been A Top Your Whole Life, and Never Bottomed. If You Lose, You WILL Bottom, Or Do What You Are Told By The More Dominant Guy. If You Do Not, Then We Will Have A Problem, and I Plan On Solving It Like A Man. You've Been Warned.
Hattiesburg Mississippi

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