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Like A Tuff Match With Gut Punches Mixed In
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A-L-E-X- Male 52 Bisexual Gut punching
Usually in Orlando, FL area...very seldom in Providence these days. Lookiing for Pro-like wrestle-fights with Gut Punching (give & take) mixed in2 matches (preferred but not required). Also in2 belly-boxing (bare knuckled) with guys along with many other moves. Sane/safe man2man fun with in-good-shape, athletic, or beefy-muscular guys. Flexible with styles. Erotic possible with right guy. All limits respected. No injuries or tell-tale marks to explain. Gear: jeans, trunks, underwear, or nude. Heel or jobber or do back-and-forth. At your place or split a hotel. Usually looking to travel within one hour (Sorry Ft. Laudy / Miami too far away). Thx guys.

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