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6ft3chadtuffheel Male 43 Gay Wrestling with sex
Wrestler / bodybuilder looking for pro fantasy, pro matches, test of strength, etc. Really into pro/pro fantasy matchups with chiseled cocky guys. Big fan of foriegn objects,eye and boot gouges,etc.Love to sqaush the hero champ who underestimates me because of my looks. Into rough play, pro or submission wrestling and muscle worship. I love working over someone tough, putting them through multiple long-held submission holds (body scissors, head scissors, figure-4s, sleepers, chokes, bear hugs). Have very strong legs and a deadly scissor hold. It's all about domination, control, muscle and body contact. Also love wrestling with someone bigger and stronger than me, fighting for control. LOVE PRO WRESTLING/FLEXING -BRAWLS Looking forward to battle in pro matches with guys who dare challenge me. Major pro- style fan and active working pro, love to heel, give-and-take to squash. Have the gear, looking for other wrestlers to work with, learn from and (most important) know how to enjoy the pro scene! Enjoy working with any levels, don't be shy if you're passing through and want to try pro for fun.Looking for some stud who wanna get worked over by a dominant muscled heel, crushed and made to tap out by a muscled brute, or ko'd in a sweaty bearhug. REAL TIME, PHONE OR CYBER (if you live too are too far). I travel often, so hit me up studs...
Laughlin Nevada

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