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117702838 Male 39 Gay Wrestling, no sex
been turned on by man on man aggression and the struggle for (sexual) dominance most of my adult life.....love the thought of two alphas going at it to see who is (or who is going to be) the real top (metaphorically more so than referencing a position per sey)....also love the idea of two subs in a battle for a prize of sorts....but alas....the more guys i meet on this site, the more i realize my 125lbs thirty some year old body can’t compete in all the ways i want it to be able to.....and i say that just to be honest with gauging expectations.....not for any kind of pitty or sympathy....all of that being said and acknowledged....still like a little play wrestling with the right guy.....trading holds and positions laced with little tests of strength more so than the nhb type matches that i’m just not physically capable of. lots of body contact is a plus if not a must.....frotting is hot....and bumping, grinding, sword fights, and tongue wrestling are all fun ways to spend time with a guy too.
South Portland Maine

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